Examples of Ian's Work

Senior Project Video Game:

Organic Modeling:

Independent Studies:

Character Animation for Game:

Advanced Animation:


Tilted is a four-player game that takes place in a constantly changing, unbalanced world. Three players, called the Runners, compete to collect gems while also working together to keep the environment safe and balanced from the 4th player, the Master, who can manipulate the environment in order to flip the world over.

Tilted was my Senior Thesis Project and was developed by myself and 10 other team members over the course of 9 months. You can DOWNLOAD AND PLAY THE GAME HERE! (PC only)

Sweet Revenge:

Sweet Revenge is a game that I conceptualized and saw into development. I was the team leader of 7 people over the course of 3 months as we developed the game. In addition to being the team lead, I modeled, rigged, and animated all characters. Play the game HERE!!! (NOTE: Game will not be supported by Google Chrome!)

Philadelphia Flyers Internship: